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LIM was officially set up in 1994 by Pastor Paul Hallam in response to the situation in Romania and the terrible legacy of the Ceacescu years, which resulted in the ruin of thousands of Romanian children’s lives as they were forced to endure horrendous living conditions in “orphanages that looked and smelled like pow camps for children".


One of the first objectives was to build a Day Care Centre through the Romanian branch of LIM (which is now known as Casa Luminii). Hence the Casa Luminii Centre was born, or as it is otherwise known today, the Lighthouse Centre. The building of the Centre was funded entirely by LIM.

LIM at first sponsored staff to work in the childcare centre and helped them with training, as most of the children had special needs. LIM was able to build a multi-sensory room in the centre to help the special needs children, which has been a great success.

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